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                    LCD Modules COB Type - P/N: RT12864-10 All Products in LCM / LCD Series  

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                      Product Description

                    LCD Modules COB Type - P/N: RT12864-10

                    Provide customized solution.


                      Product Information

                    LCD module LCM (LCD Module) is an LCD display product that integrates glass and LCD driver. It provides users with a standard LCD driver interface (4-bit, 8-bit, VGA, etc.). Users can control the LCD display correctly by operating according to the interface requirements.
                    Compared with glass, LCM is a more integrated LCD product. For small-size LCD display, LCM can be more convenient to connect with various microcontrollers (such as single chip microcomputer).

                    COB (Chip On Board)
                    Chip On Board’ refers to the bonding of the chip to the PCB.  This is according to specifications set by the IC manufacturers in LCD production.

                    LCD module is the LCD device with control, drive circuit and PCB assembly components. It can connect directly to the computer. When using this module, in addition to standard operations when using general LIQUID crystal display devices, the following  procedures should also be paid attention to when assembling and using the module:
                    1. The protective film
                    There is a protective film on the surface of the finished module LIQUID crystal display device to prevent contamination of the surface during assembly. This film should not be removed before the end of the assembly.  This prevents damage or smudging of the display surface.
                    2. Add padding
                    Between the module and the front panel, it is best to add a pad of about 0.1mm. The panel should also be kept absolutely flat to ensure no twisting force after assembly, and to improve seismic performance.
                    3. Take precautions against static electricity
                    The control and drive circuits in the module are low-voltage and micro-power CMOS circuits, which are easily broken down by static electricity. The human body sometimes generates high voltage static electricity up to several tens or hundreds of volts, so it is necessary to be careful in operation, assembly and use to prevent static electricity.


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