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                  Pin header Connector Description:

                  Pitch: 2.54Pitch, 2.0Pitch, 1.27Pitch, 1.0Pitch, etc.
                  Contact No: With one to four rows of 2 to 80 pins. Available in custom length and pitch.
                  Contact Type: Pins can be configured as straight pin, right angle pin and SMT pin.
                  Packing options: Bag, Tube, and Reel packing are available.
                  Contact Plating options: gold plating, tin plating.

                  Pin header Connector Application:
                  Pin header connector widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, PCB applications, serving as circuit blocker or to isolated circuit.
                  It can function as a bridge, accomplishing he task of current or signal transmission. Typically used as the mate to female header or with electronic wire terminals.
                  Can be independently used for plate and plate connection.

                  Jumper caps Application:
                  Jumper caps, also called short circuit caps, for short circuit terminals.
                  Jumper caps are electronic circuits that is commonly used to adjust small terminals between double row pin header in different position, for combination of circuits.

                  Pin Header Connector / Jumper Caps    

                  2.54mm Pitch Pin Header
                  2.0mm Pitch Pin Header
                  1.27mm Pitch Pin Header
                  0.8mm Pitch Pin Header
                  1.0mm Pitch Pin header
                  3.96mm 5.08mm 2.8mm Pitch Pin header
                  Jumper Caps
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