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  Product Description


Cavity number: single cavity or multi cavity
Cavity/core steel: ASSAB P20, 718, S136, H13, 8407, NAK80 and more.
Runner: Cold runner or Hot runner
Mould life time: 500,000~1,000,000 shots, maximum up to 300,000,000 shots
Mould package: Non-fumigation wooden case
Product material: ABS, PE, PMMA, PC, POM, PBT, PP, PA66, PPO, PVC and PET and more.
Surface finish: Polish, EDM marks, texture and more.

How to order :

1) The initial stage is mainly between customer and Supplier for product design and mold development technology discussion.  This colloboration will ensure that the product designers have a clear idea of what the end product is  It is important that the supplier clearly grasp the product designer’s design intent and requirement, but also for product designers to better understand the ability of the mold production, the process performance of the product, so as to make a more exact design.

2) Pricing (Quotation) will be provided once the scope of the project is clearly understood.  This would include the price of the mold, the mold life, flow process, machine tonnage as well as the mold delivery date.(quotation including product information such as size weight, mold size weight.)

3) Order (Purchase Order): customer orders, a deposit, and the Order accepted.

4) Mold Production plan and arrange Production Planning and Schedule Arrangement.  This stage sets the date of the date of delivery to the customer's requirements.

5) Mold Design As needed, available programming services are available in Design softwareuse, such as Pro/Engineer, UG, Solidworks, AutoCAD, CATIA, etc

6) Material purchasing is implemented.

7) Mold processing (Machining).  This is a process involving milling, heat treatment, grinding, computer gongs (CNC), EDM (EDM), line (WEDM), coordinates, grinding (JIG GRINGING), laser engraving, polishing, etc.

8) Mold Assembly

9) Mold testing (Trial Run)

10) Sample evaluation report (SER):  Customer provides feedback on test results.

11) Sample evaluation report Approval (SER Approval).  Customer approves the testing as successful to allow further ordering of quantities desired.

Plastic Casing Mould - Injection Molding -  Plastic Case Products - No.161740

Car audio plastic moulds


  Product Information

Key specifications/special features:
Progressive die, plastic injection
Tooling steel:
Wide variety of plastic material use
High precision
Please contact us via inquiry for a full range of specifications that will fit your needs.

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Plastic Casing Mould - Injection Molding - Plastic Case Products - No.161740

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